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WWII Special Vol. 1, Mr Black Publications


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This is the first book in the series we have entirely dedicated to creations inspired by those events that took place between the years 1939-1945 known to Western histories as THE SECOND WORLD WAR. Even though wartime themes are numerous herein, and feature an extended variety of models and figures, especially in 1:35 scale, weʼve managed to present many representative examples catering to the varying interests of our readers.


Deutsches Afrika Korps - North Africa 1942 - 50mm (1/35)

Rasputitsa! - 50mm (1/35)

LAH Kharkov 1943 - 50mm (1/35)

SS Unterscharführer - 75mm (1/24)

WWII US BAR Gunner - 50mm (1/35)

Japanese Officer in a Tropical Hell - 75mm (1/24)

Oberleutnant Georg Briel - DAK - 120mm (1/16)

On The Edge of No Manʼs Land - 180mm (1/10)

Tripoli, 1941 - The DAK is here! - 50mm (1/35)

Stalingrad, 1942 - 50mm (1/35)

German DAK Infantry North Africa WWII - 180mm (1/10)

Tips For Beginners

Blitzkrieg - Vorwärts - 50mm (1/35)

Royal Armoured Corps AFV Crew - 50mm (1/35)

Battle of Moscow, 1941-1942 - 50mm (1/35)

Editing team: Kaz Tomori, Carl Startin “Carlos Figureart”, Man Jin Kim, Juanma Vergara, Stelios Neofytidis, Ioannis Tsikstiris, Toshihiro Sano.

Publisher: Mr Black Publications (2015)

Description: 84 colour pages, Paperback, A4 size, more than 350 colour photos. Full english text.

Condition: NEW COPY.

Shipping weight: 500 γρ.

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