• Wellington, Warpaint 10

Wellington, Warpaint 10


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Designed with both the aircraft enthusiast and the modeller in mind, this series offers a comprehensive and accurate account of a single aircraft type within each issue. Drawings provided in both colour side and plan view with 1:72 scale plans, kit decal and accessory lists, squadrons, units and individual aircraft serials in codes, etc.

The Vickers Wellington was one of those aircraft that seemed to go on for ever. In spite of the glamour and publicity gained by the Lancaster & Halifax, Wellingtons flew operationally for much longer during World War 2 and were still in side spread use for some considerable time afterwards as a trainer aircraft both for pilots and multi-engine aircraft and as crew trainers.

Author: Alan W. Hall

Publisher: Warpaint Books

Description: 30 pages, Paperback, format A4.

Condition: NEW COPY.

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