• The Weathering Magazine 17: Washes, Filters and Oils

The Weathering Magazine 17: Washes, Filters and Oils


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The Weathering Magazine is the only magazine devoted entirely to the painting and weathering techniques of scale models and figures.

In this issue we will focus on classic techniques such as washes, filters, and the venerable oil paints. We will show both the standard approach to these techniques, and new methods of using well-known media. Featuring thoroughly documented examples of the use of enamel filters, dot technique, combined enamel-acrylic techniques, as well as new methods of using acrylic paints which serve as a washes. You will learn many new and many classic ways to combine and utilize different mediums and the spectacular effects we can achieve. And of course, much more… As always, this magazine explains with detailed “step by step” articles, how to perform every technique as illustrated through high quality photos and concise descriptions by some of the finest modelers in the world.

70 Pages, A4 size, full english text.

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