The Weathering Magazine 11: ''1945''


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THE WEATERING MAGAZINE: The only modeling magazine in the world devoted entirely to painting and the effects of weathering. 

Featuring for the first time a very special and attractive subject for a lot of modelers - the year is 1945. For many, this year marks the climax of an evolution in camouflage and new designs in the German military. A special range which includes colors and patterns found on ground vehicles and aircraft. In addition, the vehicles at this time had a special appearance and some colors that were unique to this time.

The Weathering Magazine takes a trip to the past through painting and effects, featuring some of the best modellers in the world and detailed "step by step" process of painting. This is undoubtedly the best issue of TWM to date, with unique graphic design and countless articles showing different styles of painting.

Description: 66 Pages, A4 size, full english text.

Shipping weight: 460 gr.


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