The Weathering Aircraft 19


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The Weathering Aircraft -  Issue 19. WOOD

The 19th issue of The Weathering Aircraft is available now! This time we are focusing on the techniques and products necessary to imitate wood surfaces on your aircraft. Quite often, the inherent difficulties associated with these finishes deter modellers from attempting to paint them. Knowledge of the amazing techniques demonstrated will be essential to apply a realistic wood finish to your models. In this issue, a host of exceptional modelers will show you how to simulate wooden surfaces and obtain results that look exactly like the real thing. Now you can easily learn how to use the correct materials required for each technique, including how to use Oilbrushers, decals, stencils, and we will even show you how to make your own tools.

As you have come to expect from TWA, we have gathered teaching tools and inspiration from some of the best modellers around. Our focus is on showing you exquisitely built and painted models along with a simple step-by-step article so that you can reproduce the effects shown, all accompanied by clear text and high-quality photographs. All in all, this is an extremely comprehensive issue, providing you with the opportunity to learn how to recreate these strikingly unique and ever-popular aircraft with an extremely realistic natural or stained wood finish.

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