• The Mycenaeans c. 1650-1100 BC, Elite No 130, Osprey

The Mycenaeans c. 1650-1100 BC, Elite No 130, Osprey


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The timeless appeal of Homer's epic poem of the ancient Trojan War, The Iliad, has meant an eduring interest in the Mycenaen age. Modern scholarship and new archaeological evidence now allows us to recontruct with reasonable confidence the appearance of this great warrior civilization, which dominated much of the eastern Mediterranean between the 16th and 12th centuries BC. We can also make deductions, from the few surviving pictorial sources, about the tactics of these armies.

This absorbing text is illustrated with examples of the archaeological and pictorial evidence, and with striking colour reconstructions of light and heavy infantry and chariot warriors of the Mycenaean age. 

Author: Nicolas Grguric

Illustrated by: Angus McBride

Publisher: Osprey Publishing (2005)

Description: 64 pages, Paperback, 248 X 185 mm. 

Condition: FINE. 

Shipping weight: 280 gr.

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