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After 30 years of service, there is FINALLY a book that thoroughly covers the early F-16 variants. 1009 full-color photos spread over 196 pages, The Early Viper Guide takes the familiar theme from other titles in The Modern Guide series and directs attention to the A/B models of the F-16.

All A/B variants are extremely well-documented, including the Block 1, 5, 10, 15, 15 ADF, 15 OCU, 20, and the F-16 MLU. USAF, US Navy, and export versions are covered.

Author: Jake Melampy

Publisher: Reid Air Publications (2011)

ISBN: 978-0-97950-64-8-2

Description: 195 pages, Paperback, 280 X 215 mm, 1009 colour photos (almost all of them are close-up photos).

Condition: NEW COPY.

Shipping weight: 900 gr.

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