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Red Machines 1: T-60 Small Tank & Variants.

T-60 Small Tank & Variants is the first in a new series from Canfora Design and Publishing. The book covers this often overlooked light AFV from planning to production to combat and beyond. The T-60 formed the basis of many variants; anti-aircraft, rocket artillery and even a flying tank! All of these vehicles are described fully in text and images, providing top-notch inspiration for modellers. Quick stats: 176 pages, 250+ photos, eight colour profiles & 8 drawings.

Authors: James Kinnear & Yuri Pasholok

Publisher: Canfora

ISBN: 9789198232561

Language: English

Pages: 176

Photos: 250+

Colour Profiles: 8

Drawings: 8

Physical: Hardcover, 280x210mm, portrait

Shipping Weight: 1.0 Kg.


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