• Siai S.79, Ali D'Italia Vol. 28

Siai S.79, Ali D'Italia Vol. 28


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Ali D'Italia Vol. 28: Siai S.79 1934-1950.

Our two monographs on the SIAI S. 79 (Ali d’Italia Nos. 9 and 11) being out of print long since it was more than natural that a reprint had to be considered. But we did more than this. We have made a new one-volume monograph substantially structured on the two previous volumes but with a revised text and above all with : - 60 new black and white photographs - 14 colour photographs - 10 new colour aircraft profiles - 1 colour sectional drawings of the aircraft The resulting 120-page volume is thus a must for all the countless fans of the renowned Italian trimotor. The new book covers the whole history of the aircraft in words and pictures, from the Spanish Civil War through the last days of World War two and in its post-war role. The text (italian-english) originally written by Cesare Gori has been revised by Giorgio Apostolo and the colour profiles have been purposely made by Angelo Brioschi and Giovanni Paulli, two highly respected aviation artists. The scale drawings are by Angelo Brioschi.

Publisher: La Bancarella Aeronautica

Description: 120 pages, Paperback, Format A4, b/w age photos, 1/72 scale drawings, colour profiles, tables. FULLY BILINGUAL (Italian / english).

Condition: NEW COPY.

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