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The high quality acrylic paints are designed to make accurately painting miniatures easy. You can use each colour individually or mix them with leather tones and other AMMO acrylics.

This selection allows you to obtain various shades of leather ranging from the darkest types to orange and reddish tones. With these colours you can also imitate new garments or leather with a high level of deterioration, representing wear and tear or scratches according to your taste or need.

The AMMO range of acrylic paints for figures has been designed to make your painting sessions a more enjoyable experience thanks to the speed and simplicity of use; new materials for new techniques, more accessible to all modelers. All of the colours in this series can be mixed with one another and with the full range of AMMO acrylics. This line of colours is perfect for the usual layering and blending techniques used in figure painting as well as the most recent mixed blending techniques. Formulated for maximum performance with brush, each colour can also be applied by airbrush by mixing with Acrylic Thinner A.MIG-2000 for the correct consistency. Water soluble, odourless, non-flammable and non-toxic.

Colors Included:

  • AMMO.F-508 Brown Base
  • AMMO.F-532 Red Brown
  • AMMO.F-538 Bright Orange
  • AMMO.F-531 Light Brown
  • AMMO.F-533 Dark Brown
  • AMMO.F-541 Ochre

Shipping weight: 350 gr.

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