• SAS - The 80th Anniversary

SAS - The 80th Anniversary


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SAS. Say the name quietly. Formed 80 years ago at the height of World War Two, the Special Air Service has come to define the idea of the super soldier. Held in awe by mortals and feared by their enemies, the SAS is the force that the government still turns to when they need something doing quickly, quietly and with extreme prejudice.
This special publication looks back to World War Two and its immediate aftermath to recall the men, the missions and the legends of the force that helped turn the tide against the Axis.

We examine the birth of their brother force, the Special Boat Squadron, and we examine their reformation for the Malayan emergency in 1950 and subsequent missions.

This eagerly anticipated publication from the publishers of Britain at War magazine has been written and researched by renowned special forces expert, Gavin Mortimer.

Publisher: Key Publishing

Description: 116 pages, Paperback, Format A4.

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