Panzer Aces No 48


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PANZER ACES No 48 - English Edition 


A tough day
Lechu Villanueva begins his collaboration with our magazine presenting a small vignette set on the "Operation Zitadelle" background showing the thrust of the German army in a last attempt to regain control of the War.

The end of war, Berlin 1945
This vignette demonstrates how we can wrap a vehicle around a small base and a couple of figures and tell a small story. Antoine Puzo explains the whole building and painting process as well as the items used for making this magnificent vignette.

No more waiting
Jose Luis Lopez joins forces with Rodrigo Hernandez Cabos and Rodrigo Hernandez Chacon presenting their 1:48 scale work featuring various vehicles figures and plant life. In this article we can see the full step by step process. The results obtained in this scale are noteworthy and facilitate the use of a wider range of elements in a given space.

Wilkommen im zoo
Antonio Casas chooses to portray the fighting that took place in the Berlin Zoo to show how the Germans surrendered to the Russians. The possibilities offered by the Zoo background in terms of portraying natural and urban elements together are quite interesting as we can see in this diorama.

Modeling Lessons
We demonstrate here how to sculpt and paint a tree trunk with its roots. This article was originally going to be featured in the Landscapes of War special but couldn't fit in it. As this is a frequent element in many dioramas we chose to feature it here. 

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