Panzer Aces No 45


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PANZER ACES No 45 - English Edition 


  • KV-8 FLAMETHROWER, scale 1/35
    Javier Redondo makes this rare version of the famous KV, a hybrid vehicle which required pieces from two kits.
  • JS model 1944, approaches to Berlin, april 1945, scale 1/35
    Radek Pituch presents us with this highly recognizable Soviet AFV in the closing years of WWII. His realistic approach and real life likeness of his work is admirable.
  • T-34/76, scale 1/35
    Diego Quijano, always original and different in his approaches and amazing with his paintjobs, once more surprises us with his creation and this daring composition.
  • T-34/85 BERLIN, scale 1/35
    Fabrizio Pincelli displays all his know how and good observation skills to create this curious version of the renowned T-34 with an 85mm gun piece.
    Cristobal Vergara Duran has made a version of the most famous Soviet tractor and has used it to carry the 203mm campaign gun, a most interesting piece made with the highest fidelity to its real life counterpart.

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