• Panther vs Sherman, Duel 13, Osprey

Panther vs Sherman, Duel 13, Osprey


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PANTHER VS SHERMAN - Battle of the Bulge 1944.

In this book Steven J Zaloga offers a fascinating comparison between the two most important tanks involved in the crucial fighting of 1944, the American Sherman and the German Panther. Placing the reader in the heart of this battle between quality and quantity Zaloga uses a compelling account of the ferocious fighting during the Battle of the Bulge to explain the successes and failures of each tank, highlighting the fact that a tank can only be as good as its crew, weighing up the impact of low morale, high cost and mediocre crew training on the Panther's superiority.

With full-colour battlescenes, technical drawings, photographs, digital gunsight views, extracts from crew training manuals and real combat reports, this book brings the titanic battles between the Panther and Sherman to life. 

Author: Steven Zaloga

Publisher: Osprey publishing (2008).

ISBN: 978184603-292-9

Description: 80 pages, Paperback, 247 X 184 mm.

Condition: FINE.

Shipping weight: 200 gr.

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