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This outstanding painting guide was made in collaboration with BIG CHILD CREATIVES and the immense talent of their artists, placing the hidden secrets required to improve your fantasy miniature painting skills to the highest level in your hands.

Thanks to this grimoire of painting knowledge you will be able to unravel the secrets and techniques of the great masters revealed through several chapters that delve into the mysteries of paint and colour, as well as the most important and common aspects that you need to know when it comes to giving life to a fantasy miniature with paint.

We begin with the basic concepts of colour theory and painting techniques developed in a practical way, and advance through more specific techniques such as painting different flesh tones, male and female faces, hair, fabrics, textures, mixed airbrush-brush techniques, Non-Metallic Metals (NMM), special lighting effects, and finish with a chapter devoted exclusively to painting miniatures for board games in various difficulty and complexity levels.

This book is aimed at all types of modellers, and all information provided is presented in a manner that you will find enjoyable and engaging no matter your previous experiences and expertise with the brushes. Each technique is shown in a practical way so that you can paint along as you unlock its secrets. If your intention is just reading the book and enjoying the photos, good luck! As soon as you open its pages there will be no turning back!

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