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  • Napoleon's Overseas Army, Men at Arms 211, Osprey Publishing

Napoleon's Overseas Army, Men at Arms 211, Osprey Publishing


  • 10.90€

When the French Revolution broke out in 1789, France possessed numerous colonies spread over three continents. To defend and keep the peace in these territories, a small army of colonial troops, distinct from the metropolitan line regiments or marines, had existed since the days of Louis XIV. This book examines the history and uniforms of the often-overlooked French armies in Saint-Domingue, Guadeloupe, Martinique, St Lucia, Tobago, Ile-de-France, La Réunion, Pondichéry, Guiana, Senegal and Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon. The text is backed by numerous illustrations offering a rare glimpse into dress and equipment of Napoleon's overseas army.

Contents: Chronology · French Colonial Troops in 1789 · Turmoil and War · Saint-Domingue · The Americas and Africa · India and the East Indies · The Dutch Colonies · The Plates.

Author: Rene Chartrand

Illustrated by: Francis Back

Publisher: Osprey Publishing

ISBN: 0-1-85045-900-1

Description: 48 pages, Paperback, 248 X 185 mm. 

Condition: FINE. 

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