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  • Napoleon's Guard Cavalry, Men at Arms 83

Napoleon's Guard Cavalry, Men at Arms 83


  • 10.90€

This title examines some of the most colourful and fanciful uniforms in military history, those of Napoleon's Guard Cavalry.

The detailed text covers units such as the Grenadiers à Cheval; the Empress's Dragoons; the Chasseurs à Cheval; the Mamelukes; the Gardes d'Honneur; the Polish Lancers; the Dutch Lancers; the German Lancers and the Lithuanian Tartars.

A plethora of illustrations complement the text, including eight fine full page colour plates by inimitable Angus McBride, providing admirably detailed reconstructions of uniforms and accompanied by ten pages of commentaries.


The Heavy Cavalry

The Medium Cavalry

The Light Cavalry

The Light Horse lancers

The Plates. 

Author: Emir Bukhari

Illustrated by: Angus McBride

Publisher: Osprey Publishing (1978)

ISBN: 0-85045-288-0

Description: 48 pages, Paperback, 248 X 185 mm. 

Condition: FINE. 

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