Modulation and Light Techniques, Ammo of Mig Jimenez


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MODULATION & LIGHT TECHNIQUES: A Complete Guide with 4 techniques to create light effects and volume in military vehicles and dioramas.

This book explains in depth in an educational and visually easy to follow format, how to apply various light effects on your models, including the famous modulation technique. Through its 106 pages, hundreds of photos and numerous diagrams show how to obtain more from your models and give them more life and personality. To do this the authors Javier Soler and Mig Jimenez explain 4 different ways of painting lighting effects on our models: color modulation, zenithal light, spot light, and illumination by panels.


    • STYLES
    • COLOR THEORY: Basic info about the color
    • ZENITHAL LIGHT: Light from above
    • COLOR MODULATION: Gradient light in each shape
    • ILLUMINATION BY PANELS: Plain color for each panel
    • SPOTLIGHT TECHNIQUE: Strong light focused in one point.

    Author: Javier Soler

    Concept by: Mig Jimenez

    Publisher: Ammo of Mig Jimenez (2014)

    Description: 103 colour pages, Paperback, A4 size, numerous colour photos of models, colour diagrams. Text and captions in english.

    Condition: NEW COPY.

    Shipping weight: 580 gr.

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