MiG-17 Colours & Markings 1/72, Mark I


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Developed from the successful MiG-15 jet, the MiG-17 constituted a marked improvement in transonic handling over the previous model. Both the clear weather interceptors (the MiG-17 and 17F) and the all-weather fighters (the MiG-17PF and 17PFU) were evolved in the USSR, and a number of aircraft were licence-built in Poland (as the Lim-5 and Lim-6s) and in China (as the J-5 and J-5As), with the total number reaching 10,500 examples.

Authors:  Michal Ovcacik / Karel Susa

Publisher: Mark I (2009) - in co-operation with 4+publication 

ISBN: 978-80-86637-15-0

Description: The "Dozen Set" line of handbooks is aimed especially at scale modellers. Each title describes twelve particular aeroplanes, documented by period photos, and also brings useful detailed shots which can be utilised in finishing the models. 

This publication has 28 pages, including a total of 48 overall and detailed photographs, 12 pages with colour camouflage schemes and their description. Text in English. A comprehensive 1/72 scale decal sheet is added for modellers' convenience. Following aircraft are depicted on the decal sheet: the USSR (3x), Czechoslovakia (2x), Poland (1x), East Germany (1x), Bulgaria (1x), Egypt (1x), North Vietnam (1x), China (1x) and USAF (1x).

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