• Mi-4 Hound in detail, WWP
  • Mi-4 Hound in detail, WWP

Mi-4 Hound in detail, WWP


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''Published in the now familiar format and it has 72 pages crammed full with 278 photographs, 10 side profile drawings and 12 technical drawings all of superb quality and most importantly clarity. The text is brief and to the point and is in English.
The book gives the history of the helicopter and plots the development from mark to mark.
Split into the usual chapters it takes you on a magical walk around, up and over and through the helicopter. No detail however small is omitted and some of the line drawings help to point out parts that you would normally skip by or not even see.
As each page is turned you marvel at the colours and sharpness of detail, it is truly a model maker's dream, for those who think that Military helicopters are dull drab machines, think again.
Since the majority of the photographs are taken outdoors at various Military Museums, this does reflect in the extreme weathering that can be seen. You have to look past this; after all this not how they look in Military service.
Like all books in this series it is the depth and wealth of detail that they contain not only for the military researcher and model makers but also museums and those lucky individuals who can afford to own one.
The quality of the photographs shows the insight that the authors have not only in the selection but the detail that modeller's have come to expect from this very prolific publisher...''  

Authors: Frantisek Koran / Miroslav Khol

Publisher:  Wings & Wheels Publications (2004) 

ISBN: 80-86416-38-0

Description: PHOTO MANUAL FOR MODELERS. Present Aircraft Line no 11.  72 colour pages, Paperback, 225 Χ 240 mm, 278 colour photos (mostly close-up), 3 pages with drawings, cutaway, 12 technical drawings. Text and captions in english.

Condition: NEW COPY.

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