Figure Modelling Vol. 16


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Figure Modelling Vol. 16: Award Winning Models - Step by step - History -  Techniques - History - Box Art - Sculpting. 

This is Figure Modelling No.16 in the “Scale Model Handbook” series where we have eight detailed articles from seven well-known artists.

Herein are, tips and techniques plus information about modelling miniature figures from Ancient Times up to the Second World War Period.

Six of the articles are covered in great detail with lots of step-by-step photos helping the reader to follow the different techniques concerning painting, sculpting, converting and making unique scenic bases.

We are pleased to welcome a new contributor to this edition, Jason Zhou from China, who painted the 180mm Hannibal Barca bust from the Nutsplanet range.

So, whatʼs also inside? Two articles from Ernesto Reyes Stalhuth (a Crusader 90mm from Pegaso Models and the box art for Stormtrooper Miniatures Ensign 28th foot at Waterloo in 200mm) and weʼve a sculpting article for a 75mm Viking by Igor Kordyukov with more than 125 step-by-step photos, which was originally released as commercial piece by Irbis Miniatures. A Second World War subject is a 180mm bust of the German tank commander Otto Carius as painted by Juanma Vergara for 51 Studioʼs box art.

Javier Gonzalez (“Arsies”) concludes his “Rhino” fantasy article (part one dealing with its sculpting and converting was published in Figure Modelling 15) by presenting the unique painting technique he used! The second fantasy theme comes from Adrian Hopwood, a familiar name from his previous astonishing work on Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile (published in Figure Modelling 10) and from more than 20 years as a contributor to Britainʼs Military Modelling magazine… Itʼs a unique approach for “Twitchy Mary” an Andrea Miniatures 54mm product illustrated with a lot of step-by-step photos.

Sergey Popovichenko strikes back with an impressive conversion using a well-known Roman figure - a 75mm from Pegaso Models with more than 30 step-by-step photos.


Roman Legionary 1st Century A.D. - 75mm(Pegaso Models, 75-018) - 6 pages

Knight Hospitaller, 13th Century - 90mm (Pegaso Models, 90-043) - 6 pages

“The Descendant of Odin” - 75mm (Irbis Miniatures, IM75-32) - 8 pages

Hannibal Barca - 180mm (Nutsplanet, NP-B018) - 4 pages

Otto Carius - 180mm (51 Studio, 10001) - 6 pages

Ensign 28th Foot at Waterloo - 200mm (Stormtrooper Miniatures, PPST25) - 8 pages

Rhino Painting! - 75mm/100mm (Knight Models, KMV004 & KMV014) - 4 pages

Twitchy Mary - 54mm (Andrea Miniatures, DN-04) - 5 pages.


Publisher: Mr Black Publications (2016)

Description: 52 colour pages, Paperback, A4 size, approx. 180 colour photos. Full english text.

Condition: NEW COPY.

Shipping weight: 370 gr.

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