Damaged No 01 - Spanish edition


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Damaged is the new magazine from Abteilung 502, and also the newest member of AK's big family. This new Publication wants to show modellers how to weather any type of subject, under any circumstance with various effects. Fernando Vallejo, AK's president, takes matters into his own hands and selects all the best modellers to show their best models, creations and special curiosities. Inside this magazine you can find various subjects like a truck, a ship to a tank, spaceship ship, trains....etc.
Damaged is the manual for weathered and worn models.

In this first issue you can see from the amazing snowspeeder fro Villegas, an incredible forklift by Rubén González and an awesome mad max car by Andrés Montiel... and many, many other surprises.

Description: 74 Pages - ALL TEXTS IN SPANISH.

Shipping weight: 440 gr.


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