• Hellenic Air Force Yearbook 2009/A

Hellenic Air Force Yearbook 2009/A


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  • HELLENIC AIR FORCE 2009: Air Order of Battle.
  • LT GENERAL VASILEIOS KLOKOZAS - Interview with the Chief of the Hellenic Air Force (H.A.F.)
  • HELLENIC AIR FORCE 2008: A Year in Review.
  • TURKISH AIR FORCE ILLEGAL ACTIVITY IN THE AEGEAN SEA: A day by day diary of violations of the Hellenic National Airspace & infringements of Air Traffic Regulations (ICAO) by Turkish Air Force during 2008.
  • AIR OPERATIONS NATIONAL CENTER: An insight visit to the most well-kept secret Unit of the Hellenic Air Force
  • 116 COMBAT WING - 335 FIGHTER SQUADRON & F-16 BLOCK 52M: The Dawn of a New Era for the Hellenic Air Power.
  • 336 SQUADRON & Α-7Ε/ΤΑ-7C CORSAIR: Flying the Very Last Corsairs in the Whole World!
  • 341 SQUADRON & BRAVE HEART SOUTH 08: Hellenic F-16s Vs. Bulgarian MiG-29s.
  • PROGRAM UPDATE: EUROFIGHTER TYPHOON: 10.000 Flight Hours in Luftwaffe service.
  • C-130 HERCULES IN HELLENIC SERVICE: 1975-2007: 32 Years of Firsts & Feats (Part II)
  • X-LIVES: P-3B ORIONS: The 'Greek' Hunters of Soviet Nuclear Submarines!

Publisher: Special Projects 

Description: 130 pages, Paperback, 290 X 210 mm, numerous colour photos.
Greek text and captions.

Condition: VERY GOOD.

Shipping weight: 750 gr. 

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