• Iranian F-4 Phantom II Units in Combat, Combat Aircraft no 37, Osprey

Iranian F-4 Phantom II Units in Combat, Combat Aircraft no 37, Osprey


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Different versions of the jet have provided the backbone of the frontline strength of the Iranian air force since the 1970s, and whole generations of Iranian pilots and ground personnel have been trained to fly and maintain them. Indeed, the type bore the brunt of active combat operations during the long war with Iraq. Iranian F-4 Phantom IIs were also some of best equipped examples ever exported by the USA. Some Iranian Phantom II pilots gathered immense experience on the type, flying it in combat for more than ten years. This book removes the veil of secrecy surrounding Iranian Phantom II operations since the war with Iraq.


An IIAF Requirement
Revolution Sweeps
The Start of the War
Baghdad Express
Thrusting into Iraq
Fighting Over the Gulf
Final Assaults

Authors: Farzad Bishop / Tom Cooper

Publisher: Osprey publishing (2003).

ISBN: 9781841766584

Description: 96 pages, Paperback, 247 X 184 mm, numerous b/w & 12 colour photos, 23 colour profiles, scale drawings. Appendices: Aerial victories.

Condition: FINE.

Shipping weight: 440 gr.

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