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 AMMO MODELLING GUIDE: How to Paint with Oils.  

Oils are one of the most versatile types of paint, offering a greater variety of painting and weathering effects for scale modelling. However, they remain a mystery to many modellers, who only know of a specific technique or even consider oils to be a product exclusively applicable to Fine Arts.

    Oil paints offer many advantages when it comes to recreating a wide variety of effects; their much slower drying time compared to other paint mediums and their finely ground pigment allow for the creation of colour gradations, stains, and all kinds of dirt effects on vehicles and figures. However, regular artist oils also have disadvantages when applied to modelling, they have been designed with Fine Arts in mind and thus to be applied on an absorbent canvas substrate, not on scale models.

    We at AMMO have developed a special type of oils, the Oilbrushers, improved and adapted to scale modelling, featuring less oil and a faster drying time. The oil colours sold by other modelling brands are just regular artists´ oils in a different container, whereas the Oilbrushers offer you a new formulation specially designed to achieve the best results on your models while saving a considerable amount of time.

    In addition, many different painting techniques and effects can be created with oils, some of which cannot be made using other mediums. In this book, we are going to show you the huge variety of effects that you can accurately reproduce, with oils in general and Oilbrushers in particular, on all types of models ranging from tanks and aircraft to figures and dioramas. You will learn how to apply the most common techniques such as blending, highlighting and shading, and you will also discover many others that can be used in combination with the standard enamel and acrylic techniques.

    Our excellent team of master modellers will show you all the secrets of painting with oils through more than 100 pages in a pleasant and easy to follow style with lots of high-quality photos and step-by-step processes. This guide is undoubtedly the compilation you need to master a product as necessary in today´s modelling scene as oil paints.

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