• Hors Serie Avions No 51

Hors Serie Avions No 51


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HORS-SERIE AVIONS No 51: JETS FRANCAIS EN ISRAEL - Ouragan, Mystère et Super-Mystère à l'étoile de David.

If the Israeli combat aviation is currently equipped with American equipment, it was quite different during the 50s, 60s and 70s! These decades were indeed marked by the seal of Marcel Dassault. The young Israeli air force, having to face many "unfriendly" countries, then bought almost all of its combat aircraft from the French aircraft manufacturer. This is how Hurricane, Mystery and Super-Mystery (and later the Mirage III) formed the strike force of the Israeli combat aircraft. The latter used them in the best way, winning victory after victory during the multiple conflicts that struck this region of the world.

Shlomo Aloni offers us with this special edition an excellent synthesis of the history of these FRENCH JETS marked with the star of David, embellished with many photos and completed by the superb color profiles of Vincent Dhorne.

Author: Shlomo Aloni

Publisher: Editions Lela Presse 


  • 112 pages, Paperback, A4 size
  • 150 photos, 25 colour profiles.
  • Text in french, fully bilingual captions in french/english.

Condition: NEW COPY.

Shipping weight: 530 gr.

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