• Byzantine Cavalryman, Warrior 139, Osprey

Byzantine Cavalryman, Warrior 139, Osprey


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WARRIOR No 139: BYZANTINE CAVALRYMAN (Byzantine Empire c. 900 - 1204).

Regarded as the elite arm of the military during the Middle Byzantine period, the cavalry executed high speed reconnaissance, agile arrow barrages and crippling blows to enemy formations. Its ranks were filled primarily through direct recruitment or hereditary service by holders of military lands, but in times of crisis irregulars would be temporarily enlisted. Few books provide any accessible study of the medieval Romaic soldier's life, and this colourful addition to the Warrior series seeks to redress this imbalance. Offering a thorough and detailed examination of their training, weaponry, dress and daily life, this book re-affirms the importance of cavalry troops in military victories of the period. Making use of original Greek source material, and featuring unpublished manuscript images, this follow-on volume to Warrior 118 Byzantine Infantryman c.900-1204 brings the world of the Byzantine cavalryman vividly to life.
Contents: Introduction - Chronology - Recruitment  - Conditions of service - Belief and Belonging - Training - Appearance - Equipment - On Campaign - Experience of Battle - Collecting, Museums and Re-enactment - Glossary - Bibliography  - Index.

Author: Timothy Dawson

Illustrated by: Giuseppe Rava

Publisher: Osprey Publishing (2009)

ISBN:  978184603-404-6

Description: 64 pages, Paperback, 248 X 185 mm, b/w photos, drawings, 8 pages of colour plates, diagrams, b/w age artworks, map.

Condition: FINE. 

Shipping weight: 350 gr.

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