Byzantine Armies 325 AD - 1453 AD, Periscopio Publications


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An in-depth historical essay about the late Roman-Byzantine Armies that protected the Byzantine Empire for over eleven centuries. Contains the administration, ranks, logistics, weapons, campaigns and fortifications of the Byzantine Armies from 325 AD until the fall of the empire in 1461 AD.   

''...This Byzantine attitude is revealed in many aspects of the imperial governmental organization as well as the daily life of its citizens. The Byzantine army constitutes the most characteristic example. This in-depth presentation of its development reveals the chequered historical course of the empire, which was compelled to defend its territories and culture against a horde of belligerent enemies. There was no period of time during which the Byzantine state did not face the scheming of some neighboring tribe or state. During its long life span, the empire faced the Persians, Goths, Huns, Lombards, Slavs, Avars, Arabs, Bulgarians, Russians, Hungarians, Normans, Crusader armies and, finally, the Turks. The survival of the empire proved to be a continuous battle, the success of which resulted from its leaders making the most of, not only the courage, ingenuity and the flexibility, but also the cruelty of the troops under their command. In consequence, the soldiers of the Byzantine Empire deserve recognition for, at least, a part of the splendor of the state they protected''.

Author: Dimitris Belezos

Illustrated by: Christos Giannopoulos

Publisher: Periscopio (2009) 

ISBN: 0-89747-561-7

Description: 136 pages, Paperback, 250 Χ 185 mm, 13 uniform colour plates, 75 b/w and colour photos, 7 maps. Full english text.

Condition: NEW COPY.

Shipping weight: 640 gr.


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