• German Naval Camouflage - Volume 2

German Naval Camouflage - Volume 2


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This book completes a highly original and superbly illustrated two-volume survey of German naval camouflage and markings in the Nazi era. On first publication in 2012 the 1939-1941 volume was quickly recognised by warship enthusiasts and modelmakers as a major step forward in the understanding of a complex and much debated topic. It is already considered the standard reference, and this second volume is keenly awaited.

Although a few crucial documents have recently come to light, this study is largely based on close scrutiny of all available photos, including many newly discovered, collated with the first-hand testimony of Kriegsmarine survivors. After decades of study, the authors are probably the world's leading experts, and their work challenges many accepted views, while greatly expanding the general understanding of the subject. The fruits of their labours are presented in the form of exquisite colour illustrations of every scheme and variation for which evidence is available.

This volume covers all major surviving ships down to destroyers from 1942 to the end of the war, and adds a new section on torpedo boats.

While there can never be a last word on such an elusive and poorly documented subject, these two volumes will remain the most authoritative work in the field for many years to come.Authors: John Asmussen & Eric Leon

Publisher: Seaforth Publishing (2014)

Description: 168 pages, Hardback, 218 X 262 mm.

Condition: NEW COPY.

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Following on from 2012's Volume One, this new book provides comprehensive coverage of the Kriegsmarine's warships in the second half of the war.
For a modeller building one of these vessels, this book must be the most useful and authoritative source.
Highly recommended.

(Marine Modelling International)

German Naval Camouflage in its two volumes is the most complete and authoritative set of books ever written on the color schemes used by the Kriegsmarine throughout World War II. The authors have taken great pains in digging out original works from historical evidence. The 100 plates in each book are followed by detailed captions describing each scheme and writing down when it was seen sometimes down to the day. Each subject is precisely depicted from port, starboard and plan views whenever possible, accompanied with rare photographs. As a modeler, I greatly appreciate this extra information as it shows the weathered paint and which sections of the ship were affected the most. What I liked most is the historical introduction in book 1, recounting how and why the painting was introduced, listing and detailing the four types of camouflage, of which the dazzle and splinter are the most cherished by modelers. It was also very insightful to know how the different paint schemes were used to obscure the shipʼs type, inclination, range, speed and direction from enemy submarines and airplanes. The books cover the whole spectrum of ships, from the Tirpitz and Bismarck down to flotilla torpedo boats. I highly recommend these volumes for warship modelers and history enthusiasts alike.

(Great Models, Georges Lteif)


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