• F-14 Tomcat in Action, Squadron Signal Publications

F-14 Tomcat in Action, Squadron Signal Publications


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The first F-14A rolled out of the Grumman plant in late 1970. The Tomcat became a combat-proven air superiority fighter and continued the U.S. Navy's long tradition of strike fighters. The Tomcat attained speeds greater than Mach 2 with its twin afterburning turbofan engines. The versatile aircraft performed the role of fleet air defense, fighter escort, tactical air reconnaissance and air-to-surface strike fighter. This all-color In Action book is the perfect complement to the author's other book, "Tomcat!" This reissue features four new pages with color photographs and ''On Display'' locations.

Author: Lou Drendel

Publisher: Squadron / Signal Publications (2007) 

ISBN: 0-89747-539-6

Description: 56 color pages, Paperback, 209 X 280 mm, more than 100 color photos, line drawings, 10 color paintings and seven color drawings, technical data.

Condition: NEW COPY.

Shipping weight: 330 gr.

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