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This sheet features markings for some of the more unique and colorful F-16s in use around the world. Stencils are full and accurate, and offer enough to model two complete F-16s in 1/48. Decals are sized for the Tamiya 1/48 F-16.

Options include:

  • 1615 (12-0012) Balad AB, Iraq, Iraqi Air Force, October 2016
  • 91-0008, 192 Filo,Balikesir, AB, Turkey, Turk Hava Kuvvetleri, June 2015 *MiG killer*
  • 88-0033, 152 Filo, Merzifon AB, Turkey, Turk Hava Kuvvetleri, June 2015 *helo killer/"Savasan Anka" nose art*
  • 1601 (82-0904), 53rd Fighter Squadron, Fetesti AB, Romania, Romanian Air Force, October 2016
  • 4062 (03-0062), 6th Aviation Squadron, 31st Tactical Air Base, Poznan, Polish Air Force, August 2013 *Tiger Meet markings*
  • 210 (98-2021) 1st Fighter Wing, 2nd Fighter Squadron, Isa AB, Bahrain, Bahraini Air Force, January 2016
  • TS-1631 (84-1274), Skadron Udara 16, Roesmin Nurjadin AFB, Indonesian Air Force, August 2016
  • TS-1642 (85-1417), Skadron Udara 3, Iswahyudi AFB, Indonesian Air Force, August 2016
  • 076 (93-1076), 341 Mira, 111 Combat Wing, Nea Anchialos AB, Hellenic Air Force *60th Anniversary markings*


Manufacturer: Speed Hunter Graphics

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