• F-14 Cockpit, AirUtopia

F-14 Cockpit, AirUtopia


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F-14 COCKPIT: ''Where Few Have Gone Before!''

Are you ready to go where few have been before? Join AirUtopia onboard an F-14 during a real wartime mission! Enjoy low level flights up to Mach 2 over desert and mountain terrain from carrier takeoff to carrier landing! Experience the view from an F14 during taxi and taking off and experience barrel rolls, in flight refueling from a KC 135 and KA6 Intruder and do some touch and go carrier landings all while listening to the live audio.

This DVD is a must for all military fans - you will see and feel what only a few brave pilots have experienced!

Manufactureer: AirUtopia

Description: Duration 75 min, Language: English, REGION FREE.

Condition: NEW COPY in sealed packaging. 

Shipping weight: 220 gr.

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