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  • Dioramas - Elements in Combat, Static Model Manual Vol. 13, Auriga

Dioramas - Elements in Combat, Static Model Manual Vol. 13, Auriga


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Scale modelling, is probably the most complete way to represent the real world. This fantastic form of art involves construction, detailing, composition, painting, sculpting, weathering and many, many other. Scale modelling is a small piece of the world. A world in scale, showing a specific situation. In scale modelling we have a geographical and a time frame. In every work we see a story and a moment crystalized in scale. We can represent natural landscapes, urban scenarios, rivers, seas, waterfalls, all kind of soils, all kind of vegetation, sci-fi ships, planes, boats, tanks, trucks and even an entire army! Scale modelling is a magic world. A mini world of countless hours of fun and pleasure.

Only a modeller knows the feeling of holding a finished model, after several months of hard working. That moment is pure magic and can transport us to a different world or dimension.

In this book, my goal is to transmit all my scale modelling knowledge. Also, I want to transmit the passion and joy that I feel in a daily basis while working in a model.

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