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Deutsche Soldaten, Agustin Saiz, Andrea


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Many and varied are the writings on the German Army since the end of the bloodiest event in the history of humanity: The Second World War. These men's way of fighting, their commanders, equipment, weaponry and the complete history can be found in almost all the bookshelves of almost all 20th Century history enthusiasts. But, what is known about the daily life of the German infantry soldier? This title is a true reflection of how these men lived, ate, washed themselves on the front, or behaved when at rest, what were their pastimes, ambitions, worries, how they spent their leave, etc.

The author, an expert on 20th Century military history and collector of military items from all armies, makes available to the general public for the first time the artifacts that he has collected over the years in order to create this graphic work containing actual photographs, the most implausible personal items and German infantry soldier's uniforms with explanations about each and every item, with a complete study on their use, origin and any other peculiarity that may enrich the reader's knowledge. As well as these artifacts, each chapter is adorned with spectacular photographs of the epoch, mostly owned by the author, setting the reader right in the midst of these soldier's daily lives.

This book can best be understood as a G.I. Collector's Guide for the German soldier. The treatment is very similar with page after page of pieces of uniform and equipment the even the most knowledgeable collector will find new items amongst. There are a great many close up photographs that will be invaluable for collectors looking to see what the genuine article looks like.

Author: Agustin Saiz

Publisher: Andrea Press (2008)

ISBN: 978-84-9665-12-7


  • 312 pages, Hardback, 302 X 222 mm
  • Hundreds or colour photos & a few b/w age photos
  • Text and captions in english.

Condition: NEW COPY.

Shipping weight: 1.75 Kg.

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