Chaniotiki Gaita


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TRADITIONAL GREEK BOAT: Chaniotiki Gaita, 1/24 Scale Wooden Kit.

  • A few words about the real boat:

At the beginning of the 20th century, in Chania Crete, boats which had special features were built and which had a total length of up to 10 metres. Some of these boats exist till this date. The fore and aft cutwater were straight, and there was a small wedge placed at the top part of the stern, onto which the rear ends of the railings were fixed, thus creating more usable space in the rear area of the deck.

In general, the vessel was wide and shallow. The deck's intense camber and the arched upper tip of the wedge (koroni) are two characteristics of the chaniotiki gaita. The rudder was wider than that of other boats and the stern protruded far enough so as to support its weight. The last samples of this type, bear a small and angled mast and the square sail's yard.

Manufacturer: Navarino Models

Scale: 1/24

Length: 335 mm

Condition: NEW.  

Shipping weight: 1.2 Kg.


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