Celtic Storm 2017


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Wonderful pictures of the exercise CELTIC STORM II showing the heavy equipment of the German Artillery Battalion 345th, with self-propelled guns PzH2000, rocket launchers MARS II and lots of logistics vehicles and troop transports. 

A chapter devoted to the Artillerie Lehr Bataillon 345, its history and after all, its armament. 

Walkaround - Perfect photographic report for the modeller, showing all details of TPz1 Fuchs, MAN Kat 1 5t truck, the MLRS MARS II and the SPG Panzerhaubitze 2000.

Authors: Frank Baunach - Hans-Hermann Bühling

Publisher: Pla Editions

Description: 72 pages, almost 300 colour pictures. ALL TEXTS IN ENGLISH.

Tags: PzH 2000

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