• British and Commonwealth Warship Camouflage of WWII - Vol 2, Seaforth

British and Commonwealth Warship Camouflage of WWII - Vol 2, Seaforth


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British and Commonwealth Warship Camouflage of WW II – Volume 2: Battleships and Aircraft Carriers

During the Second World War navies developed low visibility camouflage for their ships, on both the vertical and horizontal surfaces, in order reduce visibility by blending in with the sea, or confuse the identity of a ship by applying more obtrusive patters. In this the second volume by maritime artist Mal Wright, both the official and unofficial paint schemes that adorned the capital ships of the Royal Navy and Commonwealth are depicted in detail, along with discussions on changes of armament and electronics that effected the outward appearance of each ship.
Beginning with the Royal Sovereign class, the book goes on to cover all the other battleship classes as well as the battlecruisers, monitors, the first and second generation carriers as well as light and escort carriers. Where possible both sides of the ship are depicted, and there are multiple images of the ships where armament or equipment changes had a fundamental impact on a ship's appearance. Overhead views are also included. With 525 full colour illustrations, arranged by ship type rather than camouflage scheme, this book concentrates the clearest possible information into a single volume to provide a one-stop reference source.
Many schemes would be difficult for the reader to have found other than with the most intensive research so that historians, collectors, modelmakers and wargamers will find this unique reference source absolutely invaluable.

Text & colour profiles: Malcolm Wright

Publisher: Seaforth Publishing

Description: 191 pages, Hardback, 218 X 262 mm. 525 Illustrations.

Condition: NEW COPY

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