• MA Jeeps in detail, WWP

MA Jeeps in detail, WWP


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MA Jeeps in detail: The First Jeep Type in Czech Private Collections - Photo manual for modelers.

Contents: HISTORY

WALK AROUND (Front Grille details, Headlamp details, Lamp Cable details, Hood ''T'' Hooks,  Engine Hood Details, Mirror details, Windscreen details, Canvas Roof details, Roof Frame details, Rear Body details)

INTERIOR DETAILS (Windscreen folding details, Dashboard and Instrument Panel, Steering Wheel details, Pedal details, Right seat details, Driver's seat details, Fuel Tank details, Body Construction details, Tool Box details, Rear Seat details)

ENGINE DETAILS (Air Filter, Carburettor, Oil Filter, Horn, Engine and Chassis Restoration, Engine details, Distributor, Starter and Dynamo, Radiator Details, Gearbox and Clutch details, Steering Gearbox details)

CHASSIS DETAILS (Chassis and Wheel details, Front Axle and Bumper details, Front Frame and Axle details, Rear Axle details, Rear Frame and Axle details).

Authors: Frantisek Koran / Jan Mostek

Publisher: Wings & Wheels Publications (WWP), 2012

ISBN: 978-80-87509-14-2

Description: 72 colour pages, Paperback, 225 Χ 240 mm, 225 colour walk around and detail photos.Text and captions in english.

Condition: NEW COPY.

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