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  • Suits and Uniforms - Turkish Foreign Policy since the Cold War

Suits and Uniforms - Turkish Foreign Policy since the Cold War


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The changes in the international system epitomised by the year 1989 had a profound effect on Turkey, which at that point moved from being a secondary player in a global conflict to a central player in a range of new regional conflicts - the product of an international system in transition. Whether in the Balkans, the Transcaucasus, Central Asia or the Middle East, Turkey has emerged as an actor of pivotal importance, not least to the West.

This text examines the origins, organic political make-up and direction of Turkish foreign policy during this period of flux. The author contends that since 1989 domestic factors - history, security, ideology and political economy - have determined foreign policy. In four case studies - the Bosnian conflict, ties with Israel, Ankara's involvement with northern Iraq and relations with the "Turkic" republics of Central Asia - the foreign policy implications are treated in detail.

Author: Philip Robins

Publisher: C. Hurst & Co (2003)

Description: 404 pages, Paperback, 215 X 138 mm.

Condition: FINE.

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