• Macedonian Warrior, Warrior 103, Osprey

Macedonian Warrior, Warrior 103, Osprey


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MACEDONIAN WARRIOR: Alexander's elite infantryman

During the reigns of Philip II and Alexander the Great, the Macedonian Army - the phalangites - were reformed and drilled into an invincible fighting force with unique tactics and weaponry. The Macedonian warrior during his service would march over 20,000 miles in the most diverse climates and terrains, fighting in four of the epoch battles of the time. This book examines their initial training, rise to an elite unit under Alexander the Great, and eventual defeat at the battle of Pydna, 168 BC. The daily life, weaponry, experience, and motivations of these men are detailed, using primary sources and anecdotal material.

Authors: Ryan Jones, Waldemar Heckel

Illustrator: Christa Hook

Publisher: Osprey Publishing

Description: 64 pages, Paperback, 247 X 184 mm.

Condition: VERY GOOD

Shipping weight: 370 gr.

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