• Late Marque Spitfire Aces 1942-45, Aircraft of the Aces 5, Osprey

Late Marque Spitfire Aces 1942-45, Aircraft of the Aces 5, Osprey


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Although the Spitfire is undoubtedly best known for its exploits against the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain, its later war service with Fighter Command on all fronts against the Axis alliance was equally as important. This volume features the exploits of pilots who turned the tide against the Luftwaffe on the Western European and Mediterranean fronts, as well as the Japanese in the Far East, flying Spitfire Mk VIs, VIIs, VIIIs, IXs XIIs and XIVs. Names like Johnnie Johnson, Neville Duke and Donald Kingaby, plus a myriad of lesser known British, Polish, Canadian, American, Australian, Czech, Free French, New Zealand and Norwegian pilots, and their aircraft, are all covered in this book.


  • Introduction
  • A New and More Potent Spitfire
  • Enter the Griffon-Engined Spitfire
  • Ramrods, Rodeos, Roadsteads, Rhubarbs and Circuses
  • The Leading Aces
  • Spitfire versus the V1 Flying Bomb
  • Four Major Improvements
  • Australian Spitifre Aces 1942-45
  • Appendices

Author: Alfred Price

Publisher: Osprey publishing

Description: 100 pages, Paperback, 247 X 184 mm.

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