• U-Boat Tactics in World War II, Elite no 183, Osprey Publishing

U-Boat Tactics in World War II, Elite no 183, Osprey Publishing


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At the start of the war, German U-boat technology vastly out performed that possessed by the Allies, and under the pressure of the war continual development helped keep pace with wartime needs and improvements in anti-submarine weaponry. But it was not just the technology that had to change. German U-boat tactics evolved over time. Used in a variety of roles, from coastal patrolling through to the combined actions of convey-hunting ʽwolf packsʼ, the tactics used by U-Boats were diverse. This book analyses how the U-boats dominated the seas thanks to their innovative and daring tactical deployment, and how the cracking of the Enigma code effectively hamstrung them, greatly reducing their impact, a problem that even their advanced tactics failed to solve.


Convoy Night Attacks
Surface Attacks with Deck Guns
Basic Rules for Interception of Enemy Merchant Ships
Solo Missions
Wolf Pack attacks
Patrol Lines
Combined Attacks
U-Boats as Mother Ships
Special Weapons and Equipment
Defensive Equipment and Tactics
Defensive Tactics

Author: Gordon Williamson

Illustrated by: Ian Palmer

Publisher: Osprey Publishing (2010)

ISBN: 9781849081733

Description: 64 pages, Paperback, 248 X 185 mm, 46 b/w photos, numerous colour diagrams. 

Condition: FINE. 

Shipping weight: 340 gr.

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