• Maps and Mapmakers of the Aegean

Maps and Mapmakers of the Aegean


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The subject of this book is the mapping of the Aegean Sea, of the Greek Archipelago, as it was perhaps better-known to foreign cartographers and travellers.

The maps the book contains - which have necessarily been the result of a process of selection - span the period from the early 15th century, when the first attempts were made in the West to depict a specific area in the form of a map, to recent times.

Authors: Vasilis Sphyroeras, Anna Avramea, Spyros Asdrahas

Publisher: Olkos Editions (1985)

Description: 264 pages, Hardcover, 290 X 220 mm.

Book condition: FINE.

Dust jacket condition: VERY GOOD.

Shipping weight: 1.500 Kg.

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