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''...The publication of this album has relied solely on the Museum's valuable photographic and archive material. The idea was to present , together with the official and more familiar photographs of the period, a number of unpublished, lesser known ones, showing warm human moments among the crews of the vessels, the real heroes, and next to the texts describing the glorious chapters in the country's history, certain unpublished documents and records of an everyday nature that may be of lesser importance but which vividly bring to life the unknown side of the seamen's day - to - day activities aboard the fighting ships and requisitioned merchant vessels that took part in the great national struggle...''

Chapters: The Navy during the Balkan Wars - The Balkan Wars through the photographic lens - The Hellenic Fleet (218 pages) - A manoeuvre by the 2nd Battleship Division during the naval battle at Elli - Mine Warfare during the Balkan Wars - The Formation of Naval Landing Regiment - Naval technology of that time - Examples of periodical press - Expressions of popular sentiment .

Author: Vice Admiral H.N. (retired) John Paloubis

Publisher: Hellenic Maritime Museum 2007 (2nd edition)

Description: 381 pages, Hardback, 227 X 313 mm, almost 250 b/w age photos of high quality, colour maps, colour artistic impressions. Fully bi-lingual publication (english / greek). NEW COPY.

ISBN: 978-960-88535-2-2

Shipping weight: 2670 gr.

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