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The effects of rust and oxidation in its many forms are increasingly popular with modellers of all subjects and scales. Because of the appearance of rust is infinitely varied based on materials and environment, modellers often misunderstand and misinterpret rust, leading to unattractive and unrealistic models. This book removes any doubts the modeller may have by clearly familiarizing the reader with various types of rust and the techniques used to create dynamic and realistic oxidation effects. The author Jari Hemilä has dedicated many years to studying the effects of rust and how to accurately represent realistic oxidation, his passion and dedication to the subject will reward each reader with new ideas, tools, and innovative techniques. The Modelling Guide for Rust and Oxidation offers the unique opportunity to improve your skills and your next project.

This comprehensive guide begins by examining how to approach each rusting project, starting with planning and special considerations for this type of model. Every step in the art of painting realistic and visually interesting oxidized vehicles is clearly explained and demonstrated within 170+ pages including hundreds of step by step photos. Rust forms in a wide variety of patterns and colors, here we show the reader how to recreate them accurately.

We first explore what tools and materials are required to enjoy producing rusty models and continue to define the basic techniques used. Each technique can be used individually for specific details such as exhaust pipes and tracks, or in concert with a range of effects to create the desired level of depth appropriate for the unique aspects of each subject.

This Modelling Guide for Rust and Oxidation also features a section of example models finished using each of the techniques you will learn from this book. The selection of subjects and finishes inspires with examples in various states of oxidation and rust, including various AFV’s, a steam locomotive, submarine, and even aircraft.

This comprehensive guide was written to serve as an easy to use essential tool for the modeler’s workbench, while also providing a wealth of inspiration for your next project. This useful tool will serve modelers who are new to painting rust as well as those seeking to advance their skills. The Modelling Guide for Rust and Oxidation is suitable for all rust loving modelers of all genres, scales, and skill levels.

Models and Texts: Jari Hemila / Ian Hamilton

Concept by: Mig Jimenez

Publisher: Ammo of Mig Jimenez (2018)

Description: 175 colour pages, Paperback, A4 size, approx. 600 colour photos. Text and captions in english.

Condition: NEW COPY.

Shipping weight: 1.3 Kg

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