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  • By Air to Battle

By Air to Battle


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BY AIR TO BATTLE: A reprint of the original official account of the British Airborne Divisions which was first published in October 1945 by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London.

This reprint of the official history of the British First and Sixth Airborne Divisions, is a fascinating and highly readable account of British parachute and glider-borne operations during World War 2.

Its contents include descriptions of parachute training and equipment as well as details of all the battles in which British Airborne troops participated, from Monte Vulture to Arnhem and including Bruneval and D-Day.

It will thus have wide appeal to the general reader as well as the specialist military historian or enthusiast and wargamer.

Publisher: Patrick Stephens Limited

Description: 144 pages, Hardback, 23,5 Χ 14,5 cm, maps.

Book condition: FINE.

Dust jacket condition: VERY GOOD+

Availability: IN STOCK & READY TO SHIP!

Shipping weight: 400 gr.

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