• Apache Warriors - A Portrait of Gold, Antonios Tsagaratos
  • Apache Warriors - A Portrait of Gold, Antonios Tsagaratos

Apache Warriors - A Portrait of Gold, Antonios Tsagaratos


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APACHE WARRIORS reflects the meeting of some of Greece's best assets. When the lens of country's best aviation photographer Antonios Tsagaratos meets the very best in their kind, the pilots of the Hellenic Army AH-64A Apache attack helicopters, and UK-based helicopter expert Alan Norris takes to tell all the story in words, the outcome can have one and only ending; A Portrait of Gold!

APACHE WARRIORS is the first book ever published on the operational side of the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter. Instead of taking the usual approach and treat this fully integrated weapons platform from a manufacturer's point-of-view, this book reveals in a unique way what it is really to operate the best attack helicopter in the world. APACHE WARRIORS is the story of the Hellenic Army Aviation AH-64A Apaches, as it is revealed by the pilots who fly them during the last decade. Greece was the first European customer of the Apache, as well as the first NATO country, outside of USA, who put this fighting machine in service. Even more interesting, Greece represents the sole Apache operator who operates on a regular basis a dedicated land-warfare attack helicopter in the naval environment.

Greek APACHE WARRIORS reveal themselves for the very first time in this volume, and together with an exclusive and dramatic series of air-to-air images captured especially for this volume, show you what it is really to strap on an Apache attack helicopter and go fly with some of the best fighters Greece has ever born!

Author: Antonios Tsagaratos

Publisher: Special Projects 

ISBN: 960-88120-0-3

Description: 148 pages, Hardback, 212 Χ 292 mm, 4 b/w and 165 colour photos. Fully bi-lingual text in Greek and English.

Book Condition: FINE.

Dust jacket Condition: VERY GOOD+

Shipping weight: 1.100 gr.

Tags: AH-64 APACHE

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