• Captured Butcherbirds Vol. 1, Atelier Kecay

Captured Butcherbirds Vol. 1, Atelier Kecay


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Authors: Jacek Jackiewicz & Robert Bock

Publisher: Atelier Kecay 

ISBN: 978-83-924914-2-2

Description: 122 pages, Paperback, 295 Χ 205 mm, 304 b/w and 25 colour photos, 127 side profiles and 28 three or four views painting schemes. Entire book is published in color.
Text in english. 

Condition: NEW COPY.

Shipping weight: 730 gr. 


''...Every version of the Focke Wulf is covered from the A-4 to the D-13. The ground attack and trainer versions are also well represented. Not to be forgotten are the Mistel Focke Wulfs and the Ta-152s. The book is broken down into official and unofficial captured aircraft. Official being the ones sent for evaluation and unofficial being used by Allied units for fun and training. The unofficial ones are, by far, the most colorful - ranging in everything from all white to red, blue, yellow, lizard speckles, bare metal and everything in between. If you have been wondering what to do with your 190 and didn't want to go with the same Luftwaffe grays or late-war greens, these have color and lots of it.
Yes this is a photo book and a whole lot more. The photos, mostly black-and-white, are of exceptional quality. It sounds so cliche but many of the pictures are previously unpublished. There are plenty of color photos as well. They are some of the best renditions I have seen and are color balanced and look phenomenal. All the photos are right-sized for the modeler to glean the information from them. I was flabbergasted at some of the photos and drawings. I especially loved the night intruder 190s with their black bellies and sides.
As nice as the photos are, the really nice touch is the evolutionary colored line drawings. You can follow the aircraft from capture until destruction...
...I am having a hard time describing the quality of this book. It is GREAT! I loved everything about it. The best thing about it is that it is just Volume 1 so there will be even more coming. I can't wait. The second volume promises Japanese hinomarus, Soviet stars, French, Turkish, Hungarian and Rumanian markings...'' 

(Floyd S. Werner, Jr, IPMS-USA# 26266)

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