• Aircraft in Profile Vol. 14

Aircraft in Profile Vol. 14


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Volume 14 of Aircraft in Profile "opens the door to a broad aeronautical horizon; from the tribulations of the 1920s to the trials of the 1970s. Superbly researched and stirringly related. Stunningly illustrated. Six vastly different aircraft; well over 50,000 words an more than 80 individual full-color views of variants and sub-variants. Contributed by internationally-recognized aviation historians and internationally-acclaimed artists. The library of Aircraft in Profile volumes is unique in concept and quality of presentation. Now, over 250 aircraft from 14 separate nations, in 14 volumes" This volume contains: Martin B-57 Night Intruders & General Dynamics RB-57F, de Havilland D. H. 9A (RAF: 1918-30), Douglas R4D variants (US Navy's DC-3/C-47s), Aerospatiale/BAC Concorde, Vought-Sikorsky OS2U Kingfisher, Grumman A-6A/E, Intruder EA-6A; EA-6B Prowler.

Author: Charles W Cain

Publisher: Profile/Doubleday

Description: 160 pages, hardback, 255x195 mm.

Condition: VERY GOOD (No dustjacket)

Shipping weight: 730 gr.

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