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  • F-104 Starfighter, Photo gallery & Profiles Vol. 1, Periscopio

F-104 Starfighter, Photo gallery & Profiles Vol. 1, Periscopio


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''This F-104 monograph fills a gap in the coverage of a very important aircraft for aviation history. It thoroughly describes the development of the type from the drawing board to the prototypes and then to pre-production models, the first not very successful production variants and the later much more capable models which saw extensive service mainly in Europe. There is a special section on the F-104 users describing facts and figures of the Starfighter operators around the world. Particular attention is given to the Starfighter colors describing all schemes from the natural metal finish era to the modern low visibility schemes.

The main strongpoint of this volume though is the photo section. More than 170 full color photos cover every aspect of the aircraft, its power plant and its armament, in all its major variants including single seater fighter bombers, interceptors, recce machines and two seater trainers. Plenty of cockpit detail and open access panel photos will definitely fulfill the most extreme super detailer requirements. All differences between the variants are comprehensively presented as well as most late life modifications and updates.  The book also includes detailed color drawings by V. Auletta of the three types of ejection seats used on the Starfighter and no less than 30 color profiles by R. J. Caruana and M. Solanakis covering all important color schemes from Starfighter operators worldwide, including non standard experimental schemes and anniversary painted machines.

It is an essential reference book for the modeler but it is also a very handful aid to the aviation enthusiast who wants to learn more about the history, the technology and the operational life of an important milestone in aviation history''.  

Authors: Alexandros Anestis / George Papadimitriou

Publisher: Periscopio Publications

ISBN: 960-8345-53-7

Description: ''Photo gallery & Profiles'' series Vol. 1. 66 color pages, Paperback, 289 mm x 210 mm, 170 detailed colour photos, 5-view drawings, 27 colour profiles, ejection seats color plates, table. GREEK TEXT & CAPTIONS.

Condition: NEW COPY in VERY GOOD+ Condition..

Shipping weight: 500 gr.


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